Honey Bee Swarm

Last week, I was a little alarmed to see a swarm of insects first in front of my house, then in the back garden.

I was a little bit apprehensive, as I wasn’t sure what they were, but once they had settled on a tree, I ventured outside and was able to get some pretty cool photos of them.IMG_7301

Honey bees swarm in order to create new colonies. If a colony becomes too large, not all of the worker bees will recognise the queen bee (it’s something to do with pheromones, I read about it here). So, the old queen will break away from the colony, taking her loyal worker bees with her, leaving the remaining bees in the colony to establish a new queen.



The bees didn’t hang around for very long in my garden, but I was so lucky to be there to see such an interesting part of the bees’ life cycle.



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