Vange Well No.5

After my visit to an abandoned house in the Plotlands, I went exploring again to find another abandoned building in the Essex countryside, .

This time, it was Vange Well No.5, an old well with a surrounding structure I stumbled across during my research on the Plotlands. The well once belonged to Edwin Cash, who exploited the mineral content of the water, bottling it and selling it for medicinal purposes in the 1920s. The business was not long lasting, and soon the building was left to ruin, and the woods grew up around it.



The architecture around the well was stunning, the outer 8-sided structure held up by cracked columns, decorated with arched windows, and nestled within was another octatgonal structure, topped with a skeletal metal dome.



I particularly enjoyed capturing the reclamation of the building by nature. I think that is why I find places like this so interesting.




The area around the well was littered with the remains of the glass bottles, once used to hold the water from the well.



Vange Well is an eerie, awe inspiring place. If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend checking it out.



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